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The Apical Mattress
using Monoglyc™ sutures

Efficient for soft tissue and bone preservation.

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Monoglyc Apical Matress Suture - Steps


Absorbable Monofilament suture

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Monoglyc™ absorbs in an average of 4 weeks and is the Ideal suture for the Apical Mattress Technique.

The smooth monofilament surface structures of the Monoglyc™ polymer result in excellent handling and tissue passage properties. Tissue trauma from suturing is virtually non existant with Monoglyc™, and the monofilament structure prevents bacterial wicking. Monoglyc™ smooth surface provides excellent handling properties, combined with the sharp and high quality needle allow for atraumatic passage through tissue.

Features & Benefits

• Stretchy
• Stable knots
• High tear resistance
• Reliable knot security
• Maintain 50% tensile strength for 14-28 days
• Enough time to achieve periosteum reattachment
• Very supple
• Atraumatic tissue passage
• Optimal tissue compatibility
• No need to be removed
• No plaque build up
• Absorbable in approximately 4 weeks (5/0)
• Decreased risk of dehiscence

Monoglyc sutures

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Our product specialist, Brian Wong, presents Monoglyc™, our new resorbable suture.

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